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Respondents used it the most often for all four typical communication activities. From gender perspective men used the mobile phone more often for managing work related matters, whereas women used the mobile phone and the fixed telephone more frequently for chatting or talking about personal and intimate matters. On the other hand internet users not only used more frequently all communication channels for all four communication activities, but also revealed some specifics with respect to the use patterns of communication channels.

More precisely, internet users sought to use short text messages and the fixed telephone as functional alternatives, whilst among internet non-users the mobile phone and the fixed telephone were seen as functional alternatives for managing social activities, but not for instrumental ones.

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Since users have readily appropriated and co-opted new communication technologies to meet their own imperatives, many social interactions and community ties in public and private social environments are becoming complex dances of face-to-face encounters, scheduled get togethers, extended short text message conversations consisting of multiple partners and multiple turns, dyadic telephone calls, e-mails to one person or several, and broader online discussions among those sharing interests.

Within this broad and diversified contemporary array of communication mediums, new communication technologies are gradually and persistently finding their place, albeit they rarely displace the existing ones. What implications these changes carry for social interactions, identity expression and creativity and cultural transmission is a question of upmost importance. In the context of the accompanying user study, which has been carried out by SOFI, users received a TV-compliant mobile phone for eight weeks wherewith they were able to try out mobile TV in everyday life.

During this period of time the participants were repeatedly questioned about how they make use of mobile TV. In detail it was surveyed how many times, how long and in which situations they watched which channels on mobile phone. Furthermore they were asked for their usage motives, their willingness to pay and their future usage intentions. The standardised survey was carried out at the beginning of the FIFA World Cup , during the duration of it, directly after the end of the World Cup and finally after eight weeks. Moreover the usage of other media and the expectations of the participants towards mobile TV were asked for at the outset.

Additionally group discussions with 70 participants were conducted. Having gathered this extensive material it is possible to qualify concrete patterns of mobile TV usage. The findings show that there are major differences between mobile TV and stationary TV regarding usage patterns as well as usage motives. The way of watching TV on a mobile phone is different, even if the programme is the same. Because of the usage sequences being short and affected by situational conditions, it is characteristical that programmes are not watched completely.

From this it follows that that there are unique requirements on suitable programme formats, which we are going to exemplify shortly. The specific date of the study, namely during the duration of the FIFA World Cup and four weeks after the end of it, allows us to draw interesting conclusions about the impact of big media events on usage patterns regarding mobile TV.

In both phases of the survey home-to-office time in public transport is the predominant situation when mobile TV is used by the participants. As for the programmes up-to-date news and offers for information are most often requested. Die Art und Weise wie am Handy ferngesehen wird ist anders, selbst wenn die Sendungen, die gleichen sind.

Daraus ergeben sich spezifische Anforderungen an geeignete Sendungsformate, die wir an Beispielen skizzieren werden.

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Wie sehen akzeptierte Programme aus? Welche Zielgruppen sind interessiert? Die Rezepte der Zukunft werden sich nicht allein aus den Erfah-rungen der Vergangenheit ableiten lassen. Hier kann man eher von Handy-Nutzerstudien lernen und davon, wie das Handy in den Alltag eingebaut wird. Aus diesen spezifischen Rezeptionsmustern ergeben sich neue Anforde-rungen an die Gestaltung von Inhalten und Programmen.

Allein das Handy als weiterer Verbrei-tungskanal wird mit einiger Wahrscheinlichkeit eine Sackgasse der Ent-wicklung darstellen. In everyday life Internet and fixed line networks are regarded as the best known network-technologies. However the basal network - the power supply system - hardly attracts attention.

Ambitions to use this infrastructure for the transport of data Powerline Communication PLC to realise internet access, to crosslink homes and phone calls via the electricity network, were not drawing further public notice. Given the current rise in electricity costs and debates on options for the nuclear power phase-out an increasing interest in the processing of network-technologies and new distribution networks eCommerce on the power market may be expected.

Against this background - in using an extensive network-concept - a comparison of the perception and utilization of the internet, the conventional telephone network as well as the electricity network is drawn. This comparison aims at the evaluation of innovation and implementation potentials on the power market and the disclosure of anxieties and provisos. The presentation refers to theories of technology acceptance, diffusion and usage research as well as results of intensive interviews, group discussions and a standardized online-survey about two usability scenarios of future technical developments for the power market.

In a two-scenarios-model first the willingness to change as well as the actual change procedures on the conventional telephone and the power market will be compared and analyzed. In a second step the demand side management potential is under examination. It appears that on the one hand customers show active movements between several fixed line network providers - irrespective from age, income or household size.

On the other hand they are almost passive on the power market and show a strong provider attachment. The influencing factors of capital importance are: the intrusiveness of the technology, confirmed habits, perceived costs, control facilities and consumer needs for safety. Because of these results it is recommendable for providers of electricity networks to pay attention to the aforementioned factors and to change their image with the ambition to become a somehow more similar to the fixed line network providers in customer's conception if they want to use regenerative energy sources in a economic sensible way using DSM-solutions and implementing innovations on the power market.

Im Alltagsleben gelten das Internet und Telekommunikationsnetze als die bekanntesten Netzwerktechnologien, das wohl basalste Netz jedoch - das Stromnetz - findet kaum Beachtung.

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  3. Stolen Child.

Over the past decade a variety of new media have been disseminated worldwide. Use of Internet and cell phone based technologies and related applications has steadily increased especially among young adults. Surprisingly, most current research indicates that increasing use of new media has not led to important changes in the use of older media.

Instead, there have been sizable increases in the overall amount of time spent using all forms of media. There are also reported trends involving the simultaneous use of old and new media.

Even though there have not yet been important changes in the use of old media, change is still expected since it is unlikely that current high levels of overall media use will be sustained. For the past five years, our research team has conducted an on-going survey of students attending the University of Leipzig and Pennsylvania State University. Each year around students at each university are surveyed. We are currently completing the analysis of data collected in Our survey is designed to assess how students use new and old media, their attitudes toward new and old media, and their self-reported skills at using different forms of new media.

This paper will examine trends in new and old media use in both the US and Germany. Important similarities and differences will be highlighted and discussed.

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We will focus on evidence of declines in old media use that are offset by rises in new media use. In previous analyses, we have found evidence that increased use of the Internet for news in Germany was associated with declines in newspaper reading. This trend was especially noticable for male students. Wichtige Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede werden hervorgehoben und diskutiert. New applications offer a whole new world of possibilities to use the internet, creating and sharing multimedia output.

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For example how attractive are on demand and participation options? Which are the substantial benefits of the new media forms? Faerber be used to help frame the description of the value proposition. Clearly, the sample is too small to allow drawing valid observations about the actual values of the entire customer base. A few observations are possible. Most respondents ranked quick response to inquiries, flexibility and honesty in the second importance category. This implies the existence of customer-specific differences in either communication or customer treatment regarding. F exceeds competitor performance including product quality, competence in fashion, competence in design and pleasant relationships among the sample members.

They felt the results generally represent A. The managers were comfortable using the results as a starting point for creating a reasonable and challenging value proposition. The concept of value-balance can be used. Value-balance describes the relationship between the within-company significance of an attribute, its importance for customers and the delivery on each attribute as perceived by those customers.

In a perfectly balanced situation, those items are congruent, which as argued earlier should be a pre-condition for increased marketing effectiveness and efficiency.

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F identified in Step 1 the internal definition of value attributes and linked them by causeand-effect relationships with seven resulting behavior norms that will drive the effective delivery of value to customers. These norms are: We will 1. An Exploratory Application 29 The executives defined three values that would be used to guide the behavior of all A. The values are: 1.

Self-responsibility 2. Performance-target orientation 3. Continuous learning Since this set of values will be the core of A.