The Glenrock Bird Newspaper Feb 14th, 2010

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The plan adds 1, megawatts of wind power and 1, MW of solar by It also includes MW of battery storage capacity between and But many lawmakers refuse to embrace the potential of renewables. Instead of capitalizing on the job potential, some legislators are instead focused on discouraging development with highest-in-the-nation wind-energy taxes. Wyoming is the only state that imposes a tax on wind separate from other taxes. Seeing the state blow such a significant opportunity is my chief fear, too.

If Wyoming is going to fully capitalize on the tremendous potential of its renewable resources, officials here need to recognize the writing the on the energy-marketplace wall: once reliable customers of Wyoming energy have removed coal from their long-term energy portfolios. Oregon passed legislation in that prohibits utilities from including coal plants in their rates beyond These are the realities Wyoming must prepare for.

A mile Gateway West transmission line is already under construction in Wyoming.

Queensland Ornithological Society Inc.

Many Wyoming officials are wringing their hands over what they perceive as too much change, too soon. In fact, the shift has been in the works, and transparent, for a long time. That policy makers are now caught flat-footed is less the product of the pace of change and more result of years of willful denial and unwillingness to prepare. They ignored the harbingers for years much like they ignored the warnings of experts who forecasted the decline of coal production after fracking made cheaper natural gas available.

One injury was a finger cut and the other was a finger laceration. Think1 is the design firm and School District consultant for the wind turbine project. However, the decision to choose ITC was not just based on cost. Other things came into play.

The Glenrock Bird Newspaper Feb 14th, 2010

Dart throwing. Some do it for fun, some do it for money. The Riviera Hotel and Casino will play host to the extravaganza. Converse County School District 2 continues to lead the way in providing relevant and state-of-the-art real world technical equipment directly tied to student education and achievement. The new equipment will be the envy of school districts across the nation. While not playing for money that night, those competing certainly had a boatload of fun.

“Man and His Mules Cross America on Path Set by Dental Floss” Douglas Budget (Wy) Newspaper Article

They played against the duo of Dallas Halsey and his female. The competitors were serious but relaxed. On this evening, entertainment and competition were intertwined and equally as important. The duos cheered for their success as well as their competition. As he continued, Grogg revealed that the Top of the World project is beginning to offer unexpected benefits. The materials in the quarry can be used for road building. This will reduce transportation costs. Local residents can also be helped with the material.

Keith Ryder died just after midnight on Wednesday, February 3, at his home in Vernon, Arizona in the presence of his son and his daughter after a year-long battle with cancer. He was 72 years old. He lived most of his childhood years in Douglas and Glenrock, Wyoming, Most of his early married days he lived in Montana, various towns in Wyoming and, Casper Wyoming. In he left the ranch and moved to Prescott, Arizona, then Marble Falls Texas, back to several places in Arizona where he eventually settled down for good in Vernon, Arizona. As a young man, he served in the U.

Army Reserves. Keith retired from the Federal Government as a supervisory range conservationist. On March 2,.

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While a league game with points at stake, an injection of good humor seemed appropriate and made for an enjoyable evening. A half-million bucks on the line will no doubt ensure that they compete with game faces firmly in place. He went home to be with the Lord February 3, Wind speed, turbine speed, and the amount of electricity produced by each turbine will be available. Further discussion revealed that in all likelihood there would be a business entity interested in repowering the facility when it reached obsolescence, which further reduced the concern about decommissioning.

Casper Star-Tribune from Casper, Wyoming on February 14, · 66

Grogg went on to state that Duke is sensitive to the local environment and is taking care not to impact the ecosystem. He further stated that negotiations are taking place regarding the use of county roads, and that Duke Energy would pay for any damage to roads it might inadvertently cause. The Duke representative further reassured the Council that because the salvage value of the towers would be substantial when decommissioning takes place, there would also be an economic incentive, along with a legal requirement, to properly remove the equipment. The larger, 3 bladed 10kw turbine will be installed on top of a hydraulic tilt down tower, which will allow the turbine to be lowered to the ground in a controlled manner for student education, turbine inspection, and repair.

The smaller, 5kw vertical access turbine will also be easily accessible.

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Additionally, residents with the appropriate software and District approval will be able to access the same information at home with their personal computer. Rocky Mountain Power will monitor data from the turbines as part of the grant, providing the company with valuable data for analysis. Grogg responded that there is a protocol related to wind farm decommissioning that must be followed, and that the document outlining the protocol contains detailed information about how the towers must be removed. Harris continued. ITC is also well qualified, came with quality references, and knows their way around electrical work.

Fallen Birds

The turbines. ITC will use also met our detailed specifications. Councilman Lembke asked Grogg about the possibility of the project becoming an eyesore after the wind farm has been decommissioned, which will inevitably happen. Club in Wyoming, Rancher, Planter, a Hunter, a kidder, a practical joker, a Nick Name giver, a musician, a vocalist, a guitar player, leader in a family band called the Roadrunners, a songwriter, Praise and Worship leader a Fisher of men, But never of fish and a darn hard worker. He loved wearing many different hats and took pride in wearing them well. All who knew him benefited from the outstanding human being that he was.

He will be greatly missed. Farewell and thank you for the life-time of blessings you gave to all. The transmission lines are needed to provide electricity to meet increasing customer needs.

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According to Rocky Mountain Power representative Jeff Hymas, proposed and alternate power line routes for the Gateway West transmission project are currently being evaluated as part of the draft Environmental Impact Statement being prepared by the Bureau of Land Management, as required by the National Environmental Policy Act. The fate of Senate File SF 51, the legislation behind the code, is still pending. The legislation has been introduced into the Education Committee, as it relates to state symbols.

However, we welcome comments at any time" stated Hymas. The Code of The West 1. Live Each Day With Courage 2. Take Pride In Your Work 3. Always Finish What You Start. Be Tough, But Fair 6. Ride For The Brand 8.

Talk Less And Say More 9. From , the project team hosted approximately 40 public meetings, in addition to participating in more than formal and informal meetings at the request of stakeholders and interested parties. In total, we met with almost 2, landowners and residents along the corridor, had nearly 6, visitors to the project website and collected nearly 1, comments. More information about the Gateway West project, and the steps in the planning and permitting process, is available on the project Web site: www. During a regularly scheduled meeting on February 8, , The Glenrock Town Council unanimously moved to designate four parking spaces as limited, two-hour spots.

The four spots are located in the downtown Glenrock parking lot bordered on the south side by Deer Creek Drugs, and on the north side by the Glenrock Independent building. Two of these spots will be located on the south side of the lot, with the other two on the north side. To be held at West Cedar Street.

Two Wyoming state motor vehicle statutes, and were incorporated into Town Ordinance No. These state statutes address restricted parking and penalties for parking violations. The parking spots will be clearly marked as restricted, 2-hour spaces. To be held at 6 Frontier Court. The town will have a public notice available for publication in local newspapers on March 11, The new rules stipulated in the amended ordinance would be in effect and enforceable 10 days after publication of the public notice. The intent of the amended Town Ordinance is to limit abuse of parking in the lot.

Area merchants feel that with four 2-hour spaces, customers will be able to more easily find an available parking space. Spots currently designated for handicap access only will remain unchanged.