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Other folks might have a different definition for "old friend," as Lovett refers to his. Yes, Texas Red had it coming. Yes, Red has the blood of 20 men on his young hands. But, no, the Code of Hammurabi is not a viable reason for the Ranger with that titular iron to gun Red down. Still, its drifting constable with good aim who takes justice into his own hands makes it one of the Wild West's best murder yarns. His woman runs around; the narrator buys a. Seems rational enough — at least in this Number 14 hit for Jennings, who sings about what he's plotting to do with his "sharecropper's daughter" wife after she spends his hard-earned pay and makes a fool of him.

Even so, those egregious slights don't justify shooting this Cedartown girl and her "dandy" in their Room 23 love nest.

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But it does make for a wickedly cold-blooded song, made even scarier by Jennings' calm baritone. This entire album of the same name is one long murder ballad, telling the tale of the red-headed stranger who may be a cold-blooded killer, but is also somewhat of an American treasure. Chalk that up to the universal compassion for lost love, animals and Willie Nelson 's voice.

Plus, when listening to this track alone, we don't know that he actually killed his wife, as revealed in another song on the album, "Blue Rock Montana. Shame on the "yellow haired lady" for trying to steal that bay! Spoiler alert: You're listening to the killer the entire time. Unlike "Long Black Veil," everyone fesses up to adultery and manslaughter in this labyrinthine song of cheating and killing, which Lawrence took to Number One on the Billboard Hot While Big Brother has the intent to shoot friend-turned-cheater Andy, his little sister beats him to the punch — and watches quietly as her sibling is hanged for the crime.

What's more, she apparently did a bang-up job of hiding the body of her brother's foolin' around wife — who, it becomes clear, never really did leave town. To sing tenderly of violent death is a performer's great achievement, but to actually hear a snapshot of guilt in Cash's voice makes this song the cream of the murder ballad crop. Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash perform together in Michael Ochs Archives. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Newswire Powered by. Close the menu.

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Rolling Stone. It is more like a call to arms. It is also, it seemed to me, a preemptive strike: in a society where sexuality is under constant surveillance, where the smallest clue that a person is homosexual is a pretext for violence, dancehall provides the ultimate protective uniform. When everyone on the dance floor is flouting heterosexual conventions, it suddenly becomes impossible to single out anybody.

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Glave, a professor of English at MIT, was born in the Bronx but mostly grew up in Jamaica and sets his fiction inside the country. Jamaica is hardly the only country in its region to persecute gay people. Cuba especially has a history of repressing sexual minorities.

Through the nineteen eighties men accused of homosexuality were sent without trial to internment camps to undergo forced hard labor there. But countries across the Caribbean, including Cuba, have in recent years quietly allowed a more visible if discreet public space for gays. Since the nineteen nineties predominately gay beaches have been allowed to flourish in several Caribbean islands. Sympathetic gay characters have started to appear on Cuban soap operas.

With same-sex marriage laws stacking up territorial wins in the U. Rampant homophobia cohabitates with the pervasive belief that some extravagantly large percentage of the island population is, in fact, gay.

Not in Jamaica. In dozens of interviews with both gay and straight Jamaicans, I was repeatedly assured that at least half the men in Jamaica are gay.

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The entertainment world is, by and large, hyper-sensitive to allegations of promoting intolerance against any group. Rank, publicly expressed homophobia has become the worst kind of poison on the factory floor of pop culture manufacturing: it has become dangerously uncool. Homosexuality was hidden, but not radioactive.

That changed beginning the early nineteen nineties, precisely the time when dancehall emerged, with its musicians exhorting fans to spill out of clubs and attack gay people. The homophobia has definitely become worse in the last five years. Which is why I subscribe to the snowball effect, that it is hype-generated. Moreover, some critics pointed out, dancehall musicians are caught in a difficult Catch An aggressively anti-gay posture is needed to sell music in Jamaica, essential in establishing their credibility as bona fide dancehall product; but doing so jeopardizes their commercial appeal abroad, the source of the real money in the business.

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Even by Jamaican standards, N has been vigilant in shielding his sexuality. He is closeted from his affluent parents, both professionals living in a city on the southern coast. While a student several years ago at Howard University in Washington DC, he introduced his boyfriend to only his closest friends. Back in Kingston, he never walked on streets more than a few minutes at a stretch and he rarely allowed another man, gay or straight, to enter his apartment.

A few months ago, in a parking lot adjacent to a posh Kingston shopping district called the Sovereign Center, N and another man kissed their two stylish women companions on the cheeks and turned to open their car doors. The four office colleagues had just enjoyed an after-work dinner at an upscale restaurant. Witnesses told police that fourteen assailants—including the owner of the restaurant they had just exited—punched, kicked, and body-slammed the two men over and over again.

Despite three operations, N lost all sight in his left eye. He refused to leave his apartment for two months.

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After the attack, the friend who was also beaten filed a police report against their assailants, listing his home address. Two weeks later, he was shot outside his front gate. Ilan Greenberg is a journalist based in New York. A story of slavery and rebellion, haunting and lyrical, by an emerging master in Jamaican fiction. An exuberant mishmash of photos and miscellany from Jamaican musical history. To contact Guernica or Ilan Greenberg, please write here. I really wanted to bookmark this page so i could come here anytime to read your post again, as you have done a wonderful job.