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Certainly mounted bow and arrow skills were required of Silk Road caravan security, but so too were sword fighting skills. So, this morning I took the various parts and put them together into this short book. I hope it is of some use to those who might wish to learn something about the fine art of Korean Kumdo. My records are not complete due to moving a lot over past decades.

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I have no idea. Pages ISBN: Its the only official sub-temple of Songshan Shaolin. Whereas Songshan Shaolin was destroyed in during the Warlord Era in China, North Shaolin survived until when the entire mountain was burned by the Japanese mountain. There were 72 monasteries on that mountain and all were obliterated. The mountain was a stronghold of anti-Japanese resistance during the war.

After the war the North Shaolin was lost until a friend named Professor Gao Wen Shan from Tianjin found the ancient White Tower that survived, filled with bullet holes as it is. One of the reasons I moved to China in was to see this venerable monument to martial valor. I first visited in Since then the monastery has mostly been rebuilt. Kung Fu Magazine U. Also visited Himeji town with its amazing castle Himejijoh.

Awaiting publication.

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A parallel series of stories of my Silk Road travels was also published in Taekwondo Times Magazine, print edition. Below is a list and pdfs of a few can be downloaded. This is normal for most martial arts magazines.

The dates below are interview dates and and not publication dates. Download below! One the subject of Taekwondo there were plenty of other articles I published too Please recall that Beijing became a capital city during the Yuan Dynasty, during the height of the Silk Roads. During my years in South Korea I was a member of the Society of Socio-Linguistics and presented a few papers at their conferences.

In addition to that I also prepared the following study with a Chinese colleague at Nonsan's Konyang University.