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He came first as wise wanting to teach, a friend, a powerful companion. He is seductive, manipulative, and cunning. He was set on destroying my husband, he tormented and abused his body, used him to do awful things. What if the bibke is q lie to ceep you down from becoming one. I dont belive in and of those 3 Abraham religion with the Jews as nr 1.

The Jews are the seedade of the serpent and Saturnus the black sun. Wierd or what that name always pops into my head is he truly wicked as I heard he loved his human wife? The Almighty He the only One dont want the Azazel know the secret of the future. We chose to leave Him. There is a supernatural world.

Some of you have watched too many TV programs uplifting evil.

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It attracts you. Get out as soon as possible. Eternity is forever. There is an unpardonable sin. This is not fun and games. Love and peace w Jesus. Sex is not a god.

The King's Cage - Critical Role - Campaign 2, Episode 69

It is for our pleasure in marriage for procreation. Is it try he unity of praise and obedience to God? Do you have any modern day accounts of any humans who may have had some sort of interaction with Azazel? Thank you. He revealed himself to me about five years ago and he has caused nothing but chaos in my life ever since. It took me a year once I did these things. Azazel is deceased.

Playing with Fire: A Counter-Factual History of Fallen Angel

How could you be so foolish. Azazel was bound and thrown in a whole in the desert with rocks on him. He is not deceased. The only place that has a hole in the desert with jagged rocks on it. I had one in thr bed with me the other day. Anytime you encounter someone wearing cosmetics to glorify their own appearance, you are encountering Azazel.. Likewise, anytime you see someone using weapons for anything other than defending the causes of God, you are seeing Azazel.. I hope this helps you… Be blessed.. What about innocent year olds who wear their mothers makeup to be like mummy?

The amount of deaths caused in the name of God is despicable.

Who is Azazel?

Yet we kill each other over which book we choose to read and follow the laws of God from. Yes I have had an encounter with him. Several years ago when my friend and I were messing with an ouji board and this spirit was talking to us. He said he was a good spirit and that he could trust us. Several days later we used the board in a different location and it was the same spirit.

He said that he had been following me for the pat several days. These spirits follow good souls and try to get them. Never give in. The book of Enoch say that he has been bound in chains and darkness until the day of judgement. He came to me in a dream, he was protecting me from a Demon. He appear as a big black wolf with yellow eyes and chased the demon from my house. I was screaming his name to help me and he did.

After that dream I thought he was my gardian angel or something so I started to check online to know about him but according to the articles I read he would be mean with humans but why protecting me in my dreams?

Im so confused… It was such an amazing but weird experience.. He is cunning by description. He could do something positive to get you to accept him as good. Arch angel azrael!! Angel of death been working w him for 6 months now. Very awesome som bitch!! To gain your trust fool. The more you call on him the more distraction you will see.

Unless you worship him then of course he will give you what you want. But fire is what you will receive in the end. Stay sharp stay awake. More so since my curiosity in the fallen angels and reading the Book Of Enoch. Mind you he is not to be taken light hardily!! He obviously has something he wants you to know. I have found it best to let him tell you.

According to Zanchi, the angels rebelled when the incarnation of Christ was revealed to them in incomplete form. The concept of fallen angels is well-known in Islam, although some scholars rejected them, among which Hasan of Basra was one of the first. Further, Surah implies that a pair of fallen angels introduces magic to humanity.

Mischievous Angels or Sethites?

However, the latter angels did not accompany Iblis. Fallen angels work in entirely different ways in the Quran and Tafsir. In a Shia narrative from Ja'far al-Sadiq or — , Idris Enoch meets an angel, which the wrath of God falls upon, and his wings and hair are cut off; after Idris prays for him to God, his wings and hair are restored. In return they become friends and at his request the angel takes Idris to the heavens to meet the angel of death. Thus, the Quran may refer not to the earthly Ezra, but to the heavenly Ezra, identifying him with the heavenly Enoch, who in turn became identified with the angel Metatron also called lesser YHWH in merkabah mysticism.

The Quran repeatedly tells about the fall of Iblis. According to Surah , the angels object to God's intention to create a human, because they will cause corruption and shed blood , [98] echoing the account of 1 Enoch and the Book of Jubilees.