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HIT OR MISSUS (A Peri Minneopa Mystery Video)

This debut kicks ten kinds of ass—highly recommended! As beautifully realized as it is emotionally wrought, The Ninja Daughter is both striking in its originality and shattering in its ultimate impact. Vicious and charming. Dark and romantic. Let All the Stars and Teeth ensnare your heart and soul. As a coach and consultant, he helps writers choosing to narrate their own books to do so in a professional and engaging way.

During the past twenty years he has worked extensively with writers ranging from aspiring newcomers to best-selling novelists. This has included repeated contact with literary agents, professional editors, and a range of other industry professionals to help develop, evaluate, and promote quality work. His own writing draws from three decades of active law enforcement starting with field work as a patrolman to leading investigators as a detective sergeant.

He has significant experience as a hostage and crisis negotiator. Melissa experienced the writing of this novel as a dialogue with the evolving text, surrendering to obligations placed upon her by the story to grow as a person in order to receive and manifest what demanded its place on the page. Critical feedback from the writing community at SCWC over the past 10 years played an essential role in her development as a writer. She is excited to share her hard-won insights about writing and publishing. She loves learning from others and supporting them to reach their dreams.

Please visit: melissaannfischer. He has scripted network series, directed television and features, and been involved as a writer, producer or director in over short films. Michael is also the owner of AuthorEdge, a transmedia content producer for publishers. Ara is a technology executive in the entertainment industry. Fascinated by the human species, Ara writes about choices, relationships, and second chances.

Always a sucker for a hopeful ending, he writes contemporary romance stories.

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She assists Acorn authors in the process of publishing their books, and helps them with other things from designing websites to setting up social media accounts. Lacey has been writing since she was eight. In fourth grade, author Sarah Pennypacker spoke to her class. He has worked for dozens of clients in a broad variety of voiceover genres from commercials to E-learning, and everything in between.

With years of corporate narration and podcast storytelling experience, Tom steered his talents toward audiobook narration and has found his true calling with this creative and infinitely-rewarding endeavor. He has dozens of audiobooks in Audible, with more coming every month, and is a Independent Audiobook Award winner for his performance of Gutter Medicine: Twenty-six Years as a Firefighter Paramedic , by Roger Huder. Aionios Books publisher Gerardeen M. In addition to her extensive technical writing, Cherie also has notable experience as both a ghostwriter and editor.

She is a lover of all things romance, which she incorporates into the stories she writes, no matter the genre. Her debut novel, Ta Ta for Now! Eight months later Bethany attended her first SCWC, took everything she learned, and got back to work. Her second novel, Silent Bird , was released in December His historical novel of first contact between shamans and Jesuits in 18th century South America, Land Without Evil , was adapted as a full-length stage and light show, the PBS-broadcasted making-of which garnered an Emmy nomination.

His latest title of speculative fiction, n0thing , delves into the subject of computer generated dreaming and is out , following the Spanish release of his recent occult thriller Night Whispers. She teaches creative writing at UCSD Extension, holds private workshops, and speaks at writing conferences internationally. In addition to her work as a writer and writing provocateur, Judy co-founded The Writing Center, a nonprofit literary arts organization and is executive director of San Diego Writers, Ink. Vonderau is a terrific writer who has written a terrific book.

He is a board member of the San Diego chapter of Sisters in Crime, and also helps nonprofits through the Social Venture Partners organization.

NICHOLAS WELLS is the author of Luna the Lone Wolf , his debut young adult novel written as Forest Wells which follows a wolf, wrongly banished for life from his pack, who must overcome a frightening new world of trials and two-legged strangers in which he must reconnect with the alpha he was born to be in effort to survive. She is also a contributing editor at LitChat. While especially looking for stories by ownvoices authors and writers from marginalized or underrepresented backgrounds.

Lisa responds to well-crafted prose with strong hooks and high personal stakes, idiosyncratic and sympathetic characters, a tangible sense of place and lush world-building, multicultural aspects and emotionally-immersive fiction that explores the human condition, especially within family and close relationships.

Peri Minneopa Mystery Series

A voracious reader with a broad range of tastes, she is looking to expand her list and is interested in adult, new adult, young adult, and upper middle-grade fiction in a variety of genres, including romance, fantasy, science fiction, contemporary, and graphic novels. She began her career in publishing at W. Norton, where she spent seven years before pursuing a masters degree in history of the decorative arts. I particularly like the title of this book. I have always seen this coast as the wild edge of the world. If I could see far enough across the vast blue, I would see Japan.

Many of them are by the poet Robinson Jeffers. To feel and speak the astonishing beauty of things—earth, stone and water,.

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The part I remember goes like this:. So yeah, it all seems to fit together. Saturday, October 17, The tchotchkes of life.

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By Gayle Carline Author, horse lover, and distracted mental toddler When people tell me they're having a senior moment, I say I much prefer the term "toddler moment. So today is my day to post, according to the calendar, and I haven't got a whole lot to discuss. My horses are doing well. Snoopy has finally settled into his new home. We had to get the vet involved. After a shot of hormones and Dr. Brigid telling him that she knows where he is and will tell Santa, he got the message. He's still a big goofball, but at least he's a relaxed goofball. My trainer Niki and I are planning which horse shows we'll go to in As far as new books, I have some new non-horse books on the market.

In addition to being an author, I also write a weekly humor column for the Placentia News-Times newspaper. This year is my 10th anniversary, and in honor of that, I put out three yes, count 'em, three books of my humor columns. Labels: plans , random photos , videos. Sunday, October 4, Now. So once again, apologies for the lack of posts.

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My life has been interesting and magical, but it is beyond my current abilities to put many words down about it. How did I miss this book in my youth? And this one is magical. I posted about this book last time I Know, No Posts. And it arrived a few days later—thank you, Amazon. For the last few evenings I have been sitting by my pond and reading this book. And laughing out loud. And being amazed.

So many things seem to be coming together. The passages about the Sierras take me back to the summers I lived in those mountains—one year alone by Burgson Lake, one year working at Kennedy Meadows pack station. And all the many horseback pack trips over the mountain passes that came later. When Japhy and Ray go into the Sierras out of Bridgeport, Bridgeport comes back to me as vividly as if I were there yesterday. And there are so many lines in the book that are things that Andy used to say to me.

It all feels so connected.