Be His Ultimate Dream Girl: How to Make Any Man Fall in Love

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You want to show balance so she knows that she has to still to attract you and that she still has to do some work to get you. Do not be the only one doing this as she has to show up in her ways too. Also, do not respond to her text to early on so she can get excited to see you on her phone. Let the anticipation build up before she sees you again. Tip 2 — Be mysterious. Let her wonder what you are doing. Post less if you are active on social media.

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  • 2. He wants a woman who takes care of herself.

Also, mysterious means disappearing. If she texts you in the morning, say something like this later on that night:. I hope your day was great as well. Then text her again in the morning so she sees you are present but still have a life of your own. This shows her that she is not yet your priority and ultimately women love this. It shows her that you have a sense of stability in your life and that you are fulfilled with the way you live it. Tip 3 Do this a couple times. Instead, pop in and out on your terms. You are the busy one! Keep this up for about three days. Remember you want to be less predictable which enhances the attraction phase.

Tip 4 Making the plans after being busy. Let me clarify what I mean. You want to pop in here and there, but be less attentive during this 3 or 4 days. When you start chatting with her again, focus the conversations back on her and what she has been up to. Tell her you have been busy and that work has been crazy. Once you do this schedule something with her eventually.

The time that passes will get her excited to see you again. That time that passes will get her looking forward to a date with you. Would you like a grab a drink around 7 pm? You never want to become her text buddy. The ultimate way to get a girl to want you or to think about you more is by living a life that you truly love. Never forget about your goals and aspirations, and do something daily that gets you closer to them. This is the ultimate source of attraction. Women love this!

Not only because he is putting himself first, but because he sees himself as a desirable man. At the end of the day, if YOU see it then the chances of her seeing it will be increased. The man that always holds himself with pride and dignity is the man that will win.

Become His Ultimate Dream Girl: How to Make a Man Fall in Love

If a woman is not reciprocating then you walk away with your head up because you continue to put yourself first, just like you would want your woman to do the same. You can feel confident because Apollonia guides you every step of the way! Book A Coaching Session!

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While you were away, I sent you a gift. It came back return to sender? The end of the year holidays is upon us perhaps I can get it to you before the year is up. More than likely, I will like to work with you and set up an appointment for a phone conversation. Perhaps before Christmas arrives but definitely before New Years! Sometimes, a person has to treat his or her self, right? Hello Louis, Thanks so much!

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  7. Happy you enjoyed it. Please email me at apollonia apolloniaponti. Thank you so much I have started doing some of the things you shared and I am seeing amazing results I am still growing This is wonderful! Thanks for your comment and sharing your insights.

    So let’s define the ultimate guide you are going to need to attract a woman:

    Wishing you the best! Hi Appolonia. Thanks for the amazing job. My case is a little complicated. Would u mine to leave me your contact so that I can call and explain my self? I will be more than great. Best wishes. Hello, Yes, you can contact me here. Please book a session for tailored advice.

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    Looking forward to it! Ponti, you always make me smile with your words I am full of uncertainty cos I do not know what's happening in my relationship. I tried this, I saw results and then I messed up again. I find it hard to be consistent in it. I felt if I continue that way, I might lose her Maybe I am cos she hardly calls anymore I want to come out of this Its disturbing.

    Hy Apollonia Ponti me i am insecure about my "penis" it is too small. So this discourages me to attract and fall in love with girls cause i think i wont satisfy them in bed. Any advice? Hello Muedi, Have you subscribed to my YouTube channel? I will have a video about this soon. Thanks for reading this blog how to make a girl think about you non-stop!

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    Best, Apollonia. Hello Apollonia. Thank you for the good job. Now for my case, I do have this problem of fear! Whenever I see a beautiful lady, fear takes control of me and I fail to say hello, and instead walk a way. Most times I start to assume such a beautiful lady has a guy in her life because there is no way she can be without a man in her life because she is simply gorgeous, yet that is not the case with all the beautiful ladies. So how do I develop courage to go and say hi without having that feeling of being, " am going to be rejected.

    Hi McLean, The answers to everything you asked is in this blog!